Useful Info

Information for New Students

We have compiled a list of sites and resources that could be helpful to new students.

This information is targeted toward veterans, although it may be helpful to others, as well. This information is generally specific to University Park Campus and may not be much help for those attending branch campuses.

If you need some help and don’t see anything here that is useful, then please feel free to contact one of the officers.

We are here to help, and we are sure that we can either solve most problems or at least know who to get you into contact with.

Please also check the links page for other useful information.

Useful Websites within the Penn State Website:

Office of Student Aid- Good place to start for info on Tuition, Student Aid, Jobs that PSU has for students.
Office of the Bursar- Concerned with paying for college, actually collecting the money and the payment methods.
PSU Links for current students – a compilation of links from PSU, useful for undergrads.
Office of Veterans Programs – the ‘official’ PSU veterans office
Adult Learners Webpage – The Adult Learners site provides information to student veterans about meeting other adult students on campus and gives many opportunites to interact with them at social outings.

Useful websites for the State College area*

State College – Official website for State College.
Centre County – Official website for Centre County. – guide to hiking around State College

Different Contacts for Apartments and Housing* – National website to search for apartments online
Housing and Food Services – Official website of HFS, lists info on dorms
Off-Campus Living -lists info complied by PSU about off-campus living, there is a listing that may be helpful if looking for a sublet.

Donors, Sponsors and Friendly Businesses and Establishments

Nittany Dental Associates – contributors and former VA dentists
Mad Mex – Tex-Mex cuisine

*Please note we are not going to make any guarantees about any of these contacts, as any vet knows landlords can be a pain and it isn’t any different (actually it’s worse) in a college town than most military installations.